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Transform Your Business with Customer 360 view
Customers often interact with enterprises products through various digital and customer channels.

From the customer’s point of view, they’re interacting with a single brand, but inside the company, all that information is often scattered in different business applications, databases, and repositories making it extremely difficult to create a 360 customer view. The absence of a unified customer view has an impact on many business processes depending on customer data.

Please join experts from Talend and Artha Solutions for an interactive, virtual meeting where we will showcase a trusted customer 360 view of your enterprise data.

With trusted, actionable customer data, companies know who their customers are, what products they own, what their preferences are, and what action to take next.

Why Talend and Artha Solutions?

User-friendly Customer 360 Solution to address multi-domain MDM
Modern, scalable, secured architecture to support effective data management
Leveraging high-quality data for customer engagement – including omnichannel marketing
Joint project expertise implementing dozens of Customer 360 solution projects across industry verticals.


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